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Surveying & Drafting Services, Inc.
was established in 1996 by Ofer Shapira. We have one full time crew and if necessary two crews. We have survey technicians that are proficient in preparation of maps and boundary establishment. Our staff has been with the company between 2-9 years. We use up-to-date field equipment, which includes total stations and GPS, and draft our maps in CAD. Our biggest asset is the extensive experience that we gained over the years in all aspects of Land Surveying, which allows us to perform complex
survey projects in a most efficient way.

Highlights: We are proud of our reputation that has provided us with many clients especially the Los Angeles Unified School District (client since 1998) that selected us along with only a few other companies to provide all their Land Surveying needs for existing and proposed schools.

Our mission is to provide a most professional product that will pave the way to a successful project and will bring pride to both our clients and us. We will invest all the necessary time and effort to achieve this goal.

Ofer Shapira Owner of Surveying & Drafting Services, Inc., has enjoyed maps since he was 10 years old when he drafted and colored a map of all the countries of the world while being in an English school in Africa. He is now doing it for a living and still enjoying it. Ofer is an expert in all facets of Land Surveying especially in boundary analysis and complex projects that require custom solutions. Ofer supervises the daily work and is responsible for proposals, project planning, boundary analysis, quality control of the final product and consultation to clients. Ofer is dedicated to providing a professional product, striving to match the needs of every designer, civil engineer, architect, contractor, city official, developer and homeowner.

P.L.S. 7123, California, 1994
P.L.S. 702, Israel, 1988

B.A. in Geodesy (the science of measuring the earth) and Cartography (the study of making maps), University of Tel Aviv, Israel, 1986.

Ofer has 23 years of experience.

The following are highlights of his experience:

  • Comprehensive surveys of over 80 existing and proposed school sites. Surveys included: ALTA, ground topography, aerial mapping, GPS, boundary disputes, encroachments, lot line adjustments, records of surveys and sub-surface utilities.

  • Union Pacific Railroad Taylor Yard, Los Angeles (60 acres) - topographic surveys, lot line adjustments and complex legal descriptions.

  • Union Pacific Railroad Cornfield Yard, near Chinatown, Los Angeles (50 acres) - lot line adjustment, legal descriptions for utility easements.

  • 300 acre Dominguez Technology Center subdivision – Construction staking of rough grading of the entire site and new streets including utilities and monuments

  • Provide quality control for plans of airports, harbors and railroad projects as a consultant to Frederick R. Harris, Inc. and Holmes & Narver, two large engineering companies.

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Our staff
is experienced, professional and dedicated. The following are the key members of our company:

Assaf Shvo
Professional Certificates:
B ARCH, AIA Member.
Current Position:
Senior Design Survey Drafter
Years with the company:
10 Years
years of experience: 13 years

Vladimir N. Loto
Professional Certificates:
BS Architecture
Current Position:
Survey Technician
Years with the company:
5 Years
years of experience: 10 years

Thein Hla Moore
Professional Certificates:
BE Civil Engineering (1984), L.S.I.T.(2003)
Current Position:
Survey Party Chief
Years with the company:
8 Years
years of experience: 13 years

William Jacob Scarbrough
Professional Certificates:
L.S.I.T. (2008),
Partial BA Landscape Architecture
Current Position:
Chainman and Party Chief
Years with the company:
3 Years
years of experience: 6 years


















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